Steve Nicholas


Steve Nicholas has been an entrepreneur and business owner for over three decades. Steve's practical business experience and marketing expertise provides the members of the ITEX - Northwest Barter Network a unique opportunity to utilize what he has learned about bartering over the past 30 years. Steve the ITEX Member: When Steve first became a member of ITEX, he immediately understood the value of being involved in a network of nearly 13,000 (at that time) like-minded business owners to sell his products to. This was a brand new audience of businesses that were anxious to buy what he had. He immediately generated sales in parts of the country that he had never even visited. Steve parlayed the new-found income ("blue dollars", as he likes to refer to them) into business building tools that he would have to otherwise paid cash for. Bookkeeping services, website development, a part-time administrative assistant, computer hardware, telephone answering system and advertising are just a handful of things that he paid for using his ITEX dollars. Steve the ITEX Franchisee: When offered the prospect of purchasing the ITEX - Northwest Barter Network, WA, Steve jumped at the opportunity. Through the focused efforts of Steve and his staff, the exchange has opened an office in Spokane, WA. Steve's passion for trade continues to grow and branches in several different directions. Using his knowledge and years of experience, he now helps the members of the Northwest Barter Network drive new sales to their businesses and assists them in using their ITEX dollars instead of cash.